Chemical peeling

The peels are exfoliation techniques by applying various substances (usually acids) over the skin. The main objective of these treatments is to achieve renewing of the different layers of the skin, so as to obtain a visible and palpable improvement in the overall appearance of the face, increasing the brightness, unifying the tone, smoothing the texture.

The most common indications is facial aging (fine wrinkles), but pigmentation (stains), acne and its sequelae, seborrhea, damage from excessive sun exposure, and other situations can be treated . It is also useful in preparing the skin for facial surgery (lifting) or in addition to it, since both have different targets.

Based on each case, the substance to be used, the frequency of peels (every 15 days to 1 month) is selected. This technique is better to be used not in sunny times, but there are some peels that can be done during summer.