There are several options for filling wrinkles, increase and demarcation of facial features. Implantable materials can be used via local injections or fillers with fat of the same patient. Each case has a precise indication. There are numerous fillers on the market and still appear new: hyaluronic alone or in combination, polymethyl methacrylate acid (PMMA), etc. They have a variable duration. Many materials are available in different densities to be injected into the surface (fine wrinkles) or deeper. On the other hand, in cases of marked nasolabial folds, depressed corners, lip augmentation, cheek, you can take fat from one part of the body (abdomen, knees, buttocks, etc.) processing, recycling and inject. Although the fat undergoes a process of resorption, it gives very good results in the medium term. In some cases a second injection of fat as a supplement is necessary, with more lasting results. The injection of fillers or fat is done under local or topical anesthesia (EMLA) and it is an outpatient procedure.

When the skin of the lips has many fine wrinkles, a mechanical abrasion should be evaluated.