Prof. Dr. Oscar Zimman and Dr. Sabina Zimman.



At Zimman Center we take care of any consultation in plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as clinical and oncologic dermatology.

We also focus our practice on aesthetics. Since this discipline exists today in a wide range of proposals and treatments, we want to give our personal point of view.

Aesthetics is the science of beauty and the art of improving personal image as far as possible, and while it seems to have a limit according to each person and the ability of the therapeutic resources available, a certain amount of magic allows us to go much further.

To achieve an aesthetic goal, first of all we have to define whether a surgical issue or a non-invasive method may be used, or maybe a combination of both. The choice of treatment depends on the patient’s problems, the scope of the proceedings, and of course patient decisions. This is important to take care that not all aesthetic problems are likely to improve with non-invasive methods, as well as surgery does not offer all the solutions. Our goal is focused on providing the most appropriate treatment, through the articulation of both disciplines. At this point our work together is ideal so as plastic surgeon and dermatologist gives the whole range of therapeutic resources mastered, and the best result of this teamwork.